As your LIFE COACH I will offer a supportive and motivating environment in which you can explore what you want in life and how you might achieve your aspirations and potential.  By assisting you in committing to action and being a sounding-board for your experiences you will be offered personal space and support to enable you to grow and develop. My key role as your coach will be to assist you to maintain the motivation and energy needed to reach your goals both in the present and the future.


Coaching is generally undertaken on the premise that clients are self-aware and have selected coaching because they do not require any therapeutic intervention. I do recognise that it is not always appropriate or indeed necessary to go into depth, but it is often futile to work only on the ‘surface’ My experience informs me that many people have got issues they want to address whilst also wanting to work towards realizing their aspirations and goals, maximizing their potential, and improving performance.


As a Qualified Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioural Practitioner and an Accredited Counsellor, I will be able to offer you an appropriate level of service depending on your immediate needs and preferences, the choice of how we work is yours. I will always keep track of the process in working with you, being mindful that at all times my aim is to facilitate your progress.